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Through my work I try to create new silhouettes which I embellish either through techniques or materials creating interesting textures making clothes that are an extension of the wearers personality.

My main sources of inspiration are people, in special women, different cultures and also the ugliness of humanity since I find it much stronger and interesting than its beauty.

The fashion business that I admire the most is Haute Couture since it’s the most special and artistic side of fashion. Haute Couture is all about creation and beauty making it a source of perfection. It allows the designer to create his own world towards a consumer that uses fashion as statement of life. Haute Couture is a way to create clothes that are both unique and painstakingly perfect. Everything that a fashion designer wishes.

I always get alone in a room and start dancing before drawing any collection.

- David Ferreira

Images courtesy of David Ferreira

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