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Irié excludes no colors from his designs. He also makes extensive use of patterned fabrics, some of which he designs himself. Patterns range from romantic florals to wild fantasy with a recurring theme in his collections: animal prints. The materials and fabrics he uses are dictated by his professed preference for comfort and convenience. He uses stretch fabrics everywhere. His later collections paired the usual jeans, suits, and dresses with unusual details like sequins, hologram prints, and plastic coatings.

Irié worked for Japanese designer Kenzo before opening his own shop and launching his own collection in 1983. He claims the opening of his first outlet would never have happened except that on the spur of the moment, he bought a Corinthian column from a Paris flea market and decided he needed a boutique in which to house it.

The style of Irié's collections has been simplicity paired with casual chic. He likes to design for women, across the spectrum of age. Irié keeps his clothes simple and believes they form a base upon which women can build; his are the raw components of a wardrobe from which a woman can add her personal stamp to.

- Irié


Images courtesy of Irié

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